/ 13 сентября, 2018/ Образовательные программы

Duration of studies: 2 years

Type of studies: Full time

Amount of credits: 120 ECTS

Language of instruction: English

Objectives of the Programme:

  • to provide deep knowledge in Linguistics, Methods of Teaching;
  • to give hands-on experience in research work and international cooperation;
  • to develop skills essential for making first steps in an academic career.

Study Program

Courses. The study program covers all fundamentals of the English language theory, methodology of linguistic research, modern ELT technologies, English for academic purposes. Wide range of special courses taught by research staff includes innovations in education, leading translation theories, intercultural communication, discourse analysis and philology, linguistic analysis, etc.

Research work. From the first days of study students are actively involved in the challenging research environment. They are active members of the research teams that stimulate  effective professional growth.  Participating in scientific conferences enables them to develop their professional skills and abilities to carry out effective academic research.


  • Modern educational technologies
  • Intercultural environment
  • Cultural performances
  • Sports facilities
  • Modern library halls
  • Health center

The program is targeted at: applicants with a bachelor’s degree, fluent in English and planning a future career in Linguistics both in Russia and abroad.

Eligibility: candidates must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in the corresponding field

An academic year includes 2 semesters beginning on 1st September and 10th February.

Winter holidays — 2 weeks, Summer holidays — 2 months (July, August).

Master’s Thesis defense: in June (2nd year).

Career Prospects

  • Teaching English as a second language;
  • Research in the sphere of Philology;
  • Translating and Interpreting;
  • Intercultural communication;
  • Editing and Journalism;
  • Mass media.

Contact details

Director of the Programme
Assist. prof. Kseniya Volchenkova

76, Lenin prospekt, Chelyabinsk, Russia, 454080

Phone/fax: +7 (351) 267-90-18, 267-91-85

Foreign Languages Department




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