About us

The SUSU Academic Writing Office was founded on October 3, 2016 within the framework of Project 5-100, which is aimed to enhance the competitiveness of Russian universities among the leading research and education centres.

The Office’s goal is to help SUSU researchers develop their publishing and professional communication skills.

The Office’s focus area is integrating SUSU academic staff into the global academic community.

The Academic Writing Office offers the following services for free  for SUSU researchers, who intend to get their scientific papers published in Scopus and Web of Science:

  • advising on the issues of writing research articles and selecting scientific journals;
  • translating research articles from Russian into English;
  • editing and proofreading English-language research articles;
  • tutoring assistance to authors of research articles;
  • providing courses on writing research articles in English.

SUSU-TV about the Office’s activities