Translators and editors of scientific texts polished their skills in the Academic Writing Office

The Academic Writing office, SUSU, has awarded certificates of advanced training in Proofreading for Publishing: Polishing your Academic Writing program. The training was held online at a continuing educational portal. The program was designed particularly for translators, editors of scientific texts and teachers of academic English. The course was delivered in English. Attendees from Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Omsk and Chelyabinsk took part in the program.

The course covered both theory and practice in the linguistic production of a scientific text for publication, strategies for proofreading English-language scientific texts, online editing resources and tools. The course completed with an intensive workshop under the guidance of David Mossop, a consulting editor at the Academic Writing Office. The attendees analyzed texts and edited them using the techniques they had learned.

According to the attendees of the course, its advantages include practical orientation, detailed analysis of the material presented, an opportunity to exchange experiences with like-minded people, and a chance to discuss the nuances of the English academic style with a native-speaker.

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