Research and Publication Competencies of SUSU staff are a Priority for our Academic Writing Office

    On April 26–29, 2022, Moscow hosted the 10th International Scientific and Practical Conference International Scientific Publication-2022: From the Present to the Future. The event is held annually by the Association of Science Editors and Publishers, of which SUSU is an active member. This year the conference addressed the current issues of the development and promotion of scientific publications and increasing their visibility and authority in the global and national scientific and information space in the current social and political conditions.

Over four days, experts in editing, publishing, academic writing, and researchers discussed trends in the development of Russian scientific publications and modifications of publication activity indicators, international quality standards for scientific articles, ethical and legal issues of copyright and editorial infringements, and the challenges of the foreign language policy of Russian scientific journals and Russian scientific language in this period of uncertainty.

The Head of the SUSU Academic Writing Office Evgenia Khabirova reported on the development of the competencies of science writers. Evgenia Khabirova spoke about the practices of supporting authors in Russia and shared the successful experience of the Academic Writing Office in increasing publication activity at SUSU. “It is essential to ensure the interaction between all participants in the publication process: the author, journal editors, and academic writing teachers. This approach will help authors work out a clearer publication strategy, help editorial staff formulate more specific and understandable requirements for the quality of scientific articles, and help teachers develop the necessary competencies in the science writer,” noted Evgenia Khabirova.

In light of the global changes taking place in international scientific cooperation, the Academic Writing Office is focusing on helping SUSU postgraduate students and staff prepare articles for publication. In addition to translation and editing of scientific texts, the Office also prioritizes the formation of research and publication competencies among authors. To this end, the Academic Writing Office is launching an advanced training course entitled “Scientific Articles for International Journals: Preparation and Publication” on May 23rd, 2022. To find out more information on the course and apply to participate, please click the following link:

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