Modern Technologies of Translating and Editing a Scientific Text

The translators of the Academic Writing Office and the staff of ILIC have mastered modern technologies of translating and editing a scientific text. The training course was held from 14­ to­ 25 March, 2022 at the SUSU, supported by Rector Alexander Shestakov.

The training course was designed for professional translators and researchers experienced in translating scientific and technical texts. The speakers of the program were Natalya Popova, Founder and Head of the Laboratory for Scientific Translation (Ekaterinburg), Deputy Chairman of Scopus Content Selection & Advisory Board in Russia, Official Translation Partner of Springer Nature, Scientific Texts Editor, Expert in Academic English, and her fellow translators Thomas Beavitt, Anna Kveglis and Mikhail Brodsky.

The course included lectures on the current situation in the field of academic writing, prospects for its development, and individual linguistic aspects of translating scientific articles into English. Natalya Popova provided detailed description of such aspects as redundancy, parallel constructions, linguistic and semantic ambiguity, possessive case and chains of nouns in translation. Anna Kveglis shared her experience in terminology checking in the field of natural sciences. Mikhail Brodsky presented a report on translation ethics and dwelled on the use of articles while translating scientific articles into English. Thomas Beavitt spoke about current trends in the use of machine translation, CAT and TM systems.

The training course ended up with a panel discussion of academic writing problems and criteria for translation quality assessment. Natalia Popova’s special merit was individual consultations with the course participants. Natalya Popova gave professional advice to each participant on their assignments in the course and shared her valuable experience in dealing with particularly difficult issues.

The participants of the course noted high professionalism and amiability of the speakers, clear organization and in-depth content of the program, which added high practical value to their professional activities. Academic Writing Office continues strengthening cooperation with Laboratory of Scientific Translation by Natalya Popova.

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