Webinar “Typical mistakes while writing a scientific article in English”

Olga Tolstykh, a consultant and translator of the Academic Writing Office, conducted a webinar devoted to typical mistakes in writing a scientific article in English. The webinar covered technical and editorial rejection reasons announced by high-ranking journals, the typical mistakes connected with the preparation for publication, the key problem areas and possible solutions. Olga Tolstykh highlighted the main five drawbacks of a scientific article written by Russian scholars in English and gave illustrative examples and practical recommendations on each of them.

The webinar also touched the structure and stylistic peculiarities of an English scientific article as well as the overview of the basic rules and conventions of academic writing. The material was presented clearly, coherently and in a logical sequence, the ppt is also available.

The video is available on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aCtG3QhNAw.

The webinar was conducted in Russian. It was attended mainly by the SUSU academic staff and was highly appreciated by all participants.

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