Students of the Department of Linguistics and Translation Took on the Role of SUSU Academic Writing Office Translators

From June 28th through July 11th 2021, future translators completed their work experience training at the SUSU Academic Writing Office.

Over two weeks, second-year students of the Linguistics major trained their translation skills. Polina Kachaeva, Anastasia Ovsyankina, and Georgiy Nikonorov completed English-Russian translations. The students were asked to translate author’s guidelines from international research journals Sustainability, Nexus Network Journal, and Current Sociology.

During their training the students got acquainted with the work of specialists of the Academic Writing Office and learned how to format translations. As a result, under the guidance of Khabirova Evgeniya Igorevna, the trainees gained new experience and skills in training texts with professional terminology.

At the final meeting, the students shared their impressions of working at the Academic Writing Office:

After completing our work experience at the Academic Writing Office I got acquainted with how the work of a translator is organized and, in turn, with the terminology related to the publication industry. Our translation training allowed us to obtain important and interesting experience which we’ll need in the future in our profession. I would also like to express my gratitude to Khabirova Evgeniya Igorevna for her constant help and feedback.

 Polina Kachaeva, group LM-231

After completing work training at the Academic Writing Office I was left with only positive emotions. I got to know the work of a translator directly through translating. This was both interesting and helpful at the same time. I want to express my gratitude to Khabirova Evgeniya Igorevna, since she answered all of my questions and helped me out when issues arrived.

Anastasiya Ovsyankina, group LM-231

Completing the work training at the Academic Writing Office left me with extremely positive emotions. This training allowed me to get acquainted with the work of a translator and fully realize myself as a professional in my field. I want to express gratitude to Khabirova Evgeniya Igorevna for her help and timely feedback.

 Georgiy Nikonorov, group LM-231

As director Evgeniya Khabirova notes, “For the third year already, the Academic Writing Office served as a specialized organization offering work training for students of the linguistics specialties. We have all of the necessary resources to form and develop professional abilities and skills among future translators. Our trainees are able to receive qualified consultations and help from our experienced mentors—the Office’s translators. Office staff gladly share the secrets of translation with our trainees. I am glad that our partnership is developing effectively: we help students master the intricacies of this profession through practical training and they, in turn, make their valuable contributions to expanding our database of helpful materials for authors.”